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Regardless of how you may feel about the war, there are plenty of things you can do to provide moral support for those who are knee-deep in it. Military personnel don't choose where to go or whom to fight. Those decisions are made by people who get elected, not those who enlist. If you can't appreciate the people who volunteer to stand between you and danger (without knowing in advance what that danger will be, I might add), you can at least avoid throwing stones at their backs while you rest safely and comfortably behind them.

Taking out your anger and frustration on the troops is akin to screaming at the teenage cashier because you don't like the cost of your groceries. It's a self-serving and cowardly act that accomplishes nothing other than giving a hard time to someone who can't make policy changes. If you truly want the war to end then contact your elected representatives and give them hell.

Bashing soldiers (or recruiting offices, for that matter) is nothing more than emotional masturbation. You'll go blind from that, you know.

Visit one of the links on the right and make yourself useful for once, you candy-ass hippy.

That is all.

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